Brand Activation

Our way is to build a meaningful bridge between the brand and the consumer through human touch and interaction.

Years of experience

We speak digital from 2005 and until now we developed the most comprehensive portfolio of technology clients. Besides that we implemented FMCG projects such as Ferrero and Scandia Food, projects for dermato cosmetics such as Bioderma or personal care such as Reckitt Benckiser.

Regional approach

We are preparing and deploying projects in 7 countries in the region using our local teams in Bulgaria Romania and Serbia.

Strategic approach

We believe in a strategic approach, starting from the business objectives, translated into clear KPIs measurable at the end of each campaign. Our way relies on data and successful implementation.

The complete solution

We’re all about the complete solution! Starting from the KPIs we are working on all stages of a project: research, concept, implementation, measurement and custom reporting.

Strada Hristache Pitarul 13-15, sector 1, 011623, București (din 1 aprilie 2020)
Tel: +4 031.805.3911